Factory Brief Introduction

                  Shanghai Konnect Fixtures Co, Ltd. is a company specialized in display fixtures manufacturing. It is located at chemical industry area of Fengxian Shanghai. The complex, which is composed of 3 modernized plants occupying an area of 84,000㎡, and an office building with floor area of 12,000 ㎡. The complex is equipped with ancillary facilities, such as distribution room, effluent treatment system, dust vacuum system, exhaust treatment system, and etc. Our three plants cover all eight workshops: carpentry workshop, metal processing workshop, powder coating workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, acrylic workshop, glass workshop, and last but not least visual printing workshop. Our office building includes cafeteria, co-working space and showrooms. Konnect has served many companies and brands in different retail segments such as cosmetics, watch & jewelry, luxury leather goods, clothing and more others. We are dedicated to provide space solutions around retail activities including counters, boutiques, concept stores, flagship stores, department stores and shopping malls.

                  Our Advantages

                  EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Certification

                  In the next 2-3 years, as the Chinese Government takes strict measures for environmental protection. Factories in Shanghai can only be operative in chemical industry area of Fengxian or Jinshan district under Government’s supervision. However, those factories without EIA will be forced to shut down successively. Konnect has obtained EIA certification issued by the Government and is able to operate in sustainable manner for decades.
                  • Central Vacuum System
                  • Exhaust Processing System
                  • Effluent Processing Systems

                  TOPSOLID Software

                  We use advanced Topsolid software for technical design drawings, structure disassemble, shop drawings and integrated CN processing data transmission. We also adopt advanced WMS warehousing system to manage raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. Meanwhile, we use barcode/RFID data system to rapidly and precisely manage goods and dock ERP system.
                  • Structure Disassemble and Shop drawings

                    Topsolid can help us rapidly build geometric modeling and prepare disassemble drawings and motion simulation. These functions can let us foresee most of the difficulties and avoid waste of time and costs for re-do through the efforts of our R&D team.

                  • Generation of BOM

                    Upon completion of shop drawings and disassemble, Topsolid can automatically output drawings and generate BOM list. This gives a clear table with detailed dimensions for further cost calculation and provides basis for procurement and warehousing.

                  • Data Import to Production Equipment

                    Topsolid has embedded woodCAM module, which allows to dock multiple CNCs for accurate processing.

                  • Warehouse Visualized Management

                    Topsolid can generate corresponding bar codes through BOM list, thereby enabling the warehouse management to become much easier and more organized.

                  7S Training

                  The factory adopts 7S management system so as to make sure that the products will be produced under a safe, clean and organized workspace.

                  Import and Export License

                  We are entitled to import and export fixtures from and to different countries.

                  Production of Fixtures

                  • High-end custom made fixtures
                  • Mass Production fixtures

                  Total Quality Management System

                  • QA (Quality Assurance)

                    The whole idea of quality assurance system is to take preventive measures, pay attention to each and every step of the course, monitor throughout the process, involve all staff focus and improve continuously.
                  • QC (Quality Control)

                    Quality control requires self-inspection, cross-check prior handover of work-in-progress to next trade, sampling-inspection by QC inspectors, and full-inspection for key milestones. To ensure customers’ product quality, defective products will not be accepted and delivered.

                  After-sales service APP

                  The intelligent after-sales service APP was independently developed by our company, which allows customers and stores to request for maintenance on APP platform directly. They can check the maintenance status at any times and other relevant information.

                  The APP is user-friendly with ease of use. We also have a dedicated team to support effective and efficient co-ordination and follow-up, which expedites the maintenance process.

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